PDF of Guide to Better Photos

The PDF of the presentation “Guide to Better Photos: Recording Your Projects” is now available under “Resources

This presentation covered basics steps to improve quality and efficiency of wood turning photos.  It’s not meant for artistic photography techniques, but is rather a collection of techniques for concise representations of your work: for online sales, sharing, or your own records.  It’s broken into sections of increasing difficulty from the simplest setup with point and shoot cameras, to buying equipment to ensure reproducible images for online sales.  If nothing else, maybe it helps improve your photography efficiency, so you can share your work with friends and spend more time in the shop.

* note, there is a correction: when it is stated that the barrel effect can be removed by zooming in 2x (or to 55mm on a DSLR) this is not referring to fixed lens cameras (for example, camera phones). Check your camera to see if it has optical (moving lens) as well as digital zoom, if so then that tip applies.  When all else fails, read the manual!

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