Nigel Sears December 29 2020

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Hello WIWs
This very annoying year is winding down (at last !!), and after the success of our initial Zoom meeting I thought I should continue to be a more active President.
We have no idea of when “normal operations” will resume so I decided to keep up the electronic contact with the membership with the hope that this will keep us in contact.
So with this in mind I am instituting the “online Show and Tell”. I have managed (with MUCH fumbling) to down load a series of photos taken of my latest project, The Inclined Vase. Not photoed was the initial glue up of six boards which were then cut bottom right to top left, the resulting triangles were then glued back to back (the joint is arrowed in photo one ), from then on each stage was photoed. I spent one day machining and glueing and one day turning, hollowing and finishing.
I sanded to 1200 grit and then applied Mothers Carnuba wax polish (yes car polish !!). I just wish that there was a bit more colour difference on the “spot” face, ‘cos the spot does not really show up, but you use what you got.
I will try to send out an email every Tuesday from now on, I might not have a lot to write about, but I’ll try.
What I would appreciate is for members to try and do what I have done and send in pictures of their work to be forwarded to the rest of the club. It isn’t the same as real show and tell, but it’s better than nothing and will hopefully give other members ideas for something to do with all the spare time they have now.
I wish you all a BETTER New Year.

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