New to the site? Please read this.

Welcome to the West Island Woodturners ( of Montreal ) Blog/Web site. Don’t let the word Blog scare you away, Blog simply means web log, and a log is just a record of information in chronological order (posts).

This Blog/Web site is pretty much what you would expect from a woodturning club’s Web site, plus it allows, even encourages, Members to make ‘comments’ or ‘Posts’… so its a Blog.
This Blog is primarily intended for the use of WIW club members, and only ‘posts and comments’ from members will be permitted, but if you’re thinking about becoming a member, or just interested in what we’re doing, please feel free to browse around.

For club members, the first thing you should do is register, that way we know you have found us and we have a valid email address for you and our ‘Members list’. You can start the process by clicking the ‘Register’ link under the ‘Meta’ heading on the left of the page, or go to the ‘Members’ page.
Simply give us a ‘user’ name and a valid email, and a password will be emailed to you. Enter that user name and ‘cut and paste’ in the password from the email and your in.

Next, please go to the admin screen (the Dashboard) if your not already there, by clicking the link under the ‘Meta’ heading, select ‘Profile’ at the top left. Fill in what you can, tell us a little about yourself and change your password to something easier to remember. If you ever forget your user name or password, there is an option on the log in window to enter the email address you registered with, and the system will email your user name and password to that address.
Hint: To make your next log on automatic, just select the ‘Remember Me’ check box when logging in, and don’t use the log out function. The system will put a cookie into your web browser and automatically recognize you and log you in when you use that computer to visit this site.
So welcome and enjoy, if you have questions or want to add to this post, please reply below( if you were able to log in ), the answer may help others, or contact us at and someone will try to help you out.

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  1. pflan Says:

    Will this new suite replace the old suite or will the two continue to operate.
    I am impressed with this new suite. Congratulations.
    Regards Peter Flanagan

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